By Ellie Crystal

Reality is a projected illusion - or hologram - created by consciousness thought.

It all begins with a tone and a pulse of light that separates in 12 pyramds around 1 - forming a matrix or grid of sound, light and color. This creates a grid which projects the illusions of realities on difference frequency levels.

The creational hologram is based on mathematics that repeat in cycles called time. We refer to this as Sacred Geometry - the blueprint of our hologram.

The hologram is not stationary. It is based on spiraling light and thought and is forever in flux.

I believe we were created an an experiment in Linear Time and Emotions - based on electromagnetic polarities that keep our consciousness within the grids of the illusion. We were created to experience within what one could perceive of as an program.

There is a beginning and there will be an abrupt end - the end we sense as an explosion. Yet it is nothing more than the close of the holographic program and the lifting of consciousness from its confines.

Mankind has always pondered the origin of its creation as that is part of our DNA codings to search and quest for a way home.

By its very creation - the hologram can be explained by physics as we come closer to the truth. Reality and the illusion are all about physics and math.

Many people are of the theory that reality is a hoologram. I am not alone. Neither are you.